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This can only Benefit you.

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hey hey hey,

I’m here to share Love and peace because I strongly feel and believe that this planet needs a lot more of it.

But today I want to talk about…..


How have you been? Have you been coping well with all the goings-on in the world?

Where has your main focus been?

Do you feel ok, calm, and at peace? Or not?

Complicated humans aren’t we.

With all these functions and feelings and emotions and goals and desires, it just never seems to stop.

It doesn’t need to be over-complicated if we can just calm our minds down a few notches and try to understand some of the universal laws of life.

You are the master of your world and the creator of it. Where focus goes energy flows, so would it be a benefit to you to focus on anything calming so you can gather your thoughts and make better decisions and choices?

Would that help you?

8 years ago my mentor introduced Meditation to me and I laughed out loud, as I visualised a spaced out flower power hippie chanting in a field from the 1970s in my mind.

Meditate, me..

I never even gave it a thought in my over analysing chaotic mind back then.

In the beginning, I bit the bullet and thought I would at least give it a try as I had nothing else to lose, literally, I was at my lowest ebb ever.

I tried a few times and gave up.

“It’s too hard”..

“I can't do it”…

My mind was obviously overwhelmed, anxious, and too busy, I had too much to worry about and I could not stop thinking about all sorts of nonsense that was not even true or even real yet.

That was my habit…

I had slipped and let my mind take control of me..

All the “Say ifs” and “Could haves” and “Should haves” and” He said this, and she said that” and “I can see that going terribly wrong for me, and “How will I be able to handle that OMG”

Which is exactly why I needed to Meditate.

To shut down the unnecessary noise.

To gain some sort of control of myself.

To calm my mind, feel more at peace, and be the captain of my ship.

I have never looked back, after all these years, I meditate on a daily basis and it feels so good, I feel at peace and have done for a long time now, even though life has bought in some pretty uncomfortable and uncertain challenges over time.

My inner peaceful mind just knows that it’ll all be ok, just go with the flow, a light will be shone on the truth, the truth will be revealed and light always overcomes the darkness.

It’s a habit.

But a feel-good natural habit.

Have you ever tried or practiced Meditation?

If you want to feel at peace and own a sense of calmness it may help you.

It can be a gift to yourself.

You have nothing to lose other than chaos.

Unless that’s your preference?

Love and light

Kim xx

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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