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It took me over 45 years to accept myself, let go of negativity, wake up!
Start thinking in a positive way!
And finally look on the bright side.

The fantastic news is that it doesn't have to take you a life time to awaken your positive superpowers, see yourself and the world in a brand new way, reignite your inner spark and enjoy a positive outlook with different life results!

Which is why I have been working hard on building two special inspirational online video courses just for you!

Do you wake up feeling low or miserable and you don't know why?

Are you worried that you will never feel good or happier ever again?


Do you feel that you have lost your inner spark and need motivating?


Do you want better results in your life by thinking in a positive way?


Do you feel you need some Inspiration to get going?


Hi I'm Kim, I was born and raised in London UK and I am now in my mid 50s, I am a proud mum of two amazing grown up children and a Grandmother to a cute, funny 3 year old Grandson.

In the last 10 years I have felt happier and more content about myself and my life than ever before! I found my passion late in life due to my unawakened, toxic, procrastinating self sabotaging ways, but whatever age you are it's never too late to wake up and start a new way to think to get the positive results that you really want.


After a massive downfall and devistating life crash in 2011, I really had to work hard on myself physically, emotionally and spiritually and I have spent the last 10 years teaching and implementing fantastic life changing open minded tools and techniques that actually worked for the changes that I wanted and certainly needed! 

I discovered the super powers and hidden potential that we all have as human beings, but were never told about or brought up with! 

We have forgotten our sovereign abilities, and they certainly don't teach this stuff in the school and college systems. But back then I was in a fog of worries, woes and clouded unhappiness and over consuming alcohol to numb myself, which I thought was my happiness.

I knew I had to change my habits, my way of thinking, self-doubts and limiting beliefs and discover the inner positive empowerment that we all have that lays dormant inside.

Because I was a confused mess! 

And I realised that I was the only one who could help me!

I had to do something different, I had to connect with my real inner self to find the answers, we all have the answers inside, but.......

How do we find them? 

What do we need to know? 

What do we need to do? 

And what do we need to learn and practice for us to change?

You have the power to change, this stuff is infectious and you will never look back or go back to your old negative ways!
When you have a positive mental attitude you can overcome anything! 
Realise the power of your mind because you are the creator! It's well worth thinking positive!

I was in absolute awe of our human powers and capabilities (that are so simple and long forgotten) and the toolkit of self healing strategies that I discovered! 

The very simple tools that I have been practicing I am now going to 

teach YOU!

Practicing them has ultimately changed me and led me to understand myself and feel fantastic, and attracted the things, people, scenarios and opportunities that I wanted and desired! All because I found the confidence to take that first step and take a brilliant opportunity by Investing in myself for the very first time ever!


And I want this for you too.

"If you carry on what you're doing, you will get more of what you've already got!"

The first picture below is me, with my mum, over 10 years ago when I was feeling at my lowest. I had not long come out of a relationship with my soulmate (so I thought!) I had gained weight, my weight always yoyoed back then. My parents were about to retire to Spain and my best friend, my sister had emigrated to Australia, the booze was my friend and saviour, (so I thought!)

I looked happy but I was drunk happy! 

I was so terrified and didn't know what I should do next, or how I could make changes happen, I felt so stuck and in rut!  

The drinking was numbing my pain (so i thought!) It wasn't helping me at all!, I was in trouble and it was so emotionally painful. Things had to change!

The second picture below is me and mum in early 2022. ( I feel alive ;)


You are so much more than your limiting beleifs, bad habits and self doubts!

Which is why I have been working hard on building a special inspirational online video course just for you!

This open minded course is about changing the mind-set from negative to positive thinking, overcoming life’s challenges, emotional healing and gaining confidence in finding the life spark of happiness that’s inside us all. You will learn simple to apply life changing tools, strategies and techniques that will help you with your emotional well-being by practicing daily disciplines that help you change the way you think about life and yourself.

It will help you to understand the value of feeling happy and fulfilled by overcoming self-doubts, limiting beliefs, fears, sadness, worries, feeling blue and negative emotions. You can find your true potential by focusing on the positive feelings, it’s all about raising your energy vibration to feel good; letting go of past mistakes, visualising what we do want, and making it happen.

My life story is a testimonial.


Through experience of applying the tools it has totally changed my life and the way I see the world, myself and the people in it. This work has changed the attitudes of all of my clients too, because if you think in a different way you will act in a different way and then gain different results in your own life.

I want this courses to help people create a future that makes them want to bounce out of bed in the morning, start to look up and take control of their own thoughts so that they have a choice to focus on their happiness.

MacBook Pro on white table_Kim Udemy Course Cover-3.png

Video series
The beginners guide to Positive thinking for a high vibe life..

This video guide is for you if you are ready to open your mind and explore your hidden capabilities, dive deeper into self growth, personal development and discover your inner wisdom of positivity and motivation.


You will discover your true powers and gain profound results when you use the tools and techniques on a daily basis that will also allow you to reconnect with your whole self.

The people that have picked up and applied the daily disciplines are the ones who have the best results!

Here is what you will receive...

Video series 1

The beginners guide to Positive thinking for a high vibe life.


  • Bitesize videos of top positive tips that you can stop and start, watch daily or at your own pace.

  • Inspiring ideas to help change your thinking.

  • Clear easy to follow practices that work.

  • Help to create the best version of yourself.

  • Basic principals to think positively and spark your potential.

  • The key to unlock your true happiness.


 Get your top video package here today!



I just know that this positive video guide will help you and will open up your mind to new exciting possibilities and help you to gain and keep a positive outlook in life, always.

When you change your perception you actually change your brain!


"Transformation is a process, not an end goal.

Enjoy the journey as it unfolds naturally and wonderfully with easy to apply practices and principles"

Here is what others have said:

Jamie Pedrazzoli-Bach

This is the best course I have taken so far! There is so much wonderful information here that you can apply to your life.

I highly recommend this course!

Samantha Pidgeon

Im enjoying this course, i really like that the trainer has talked about herself and how she got into coaching. There is many practical and effective ways of shifting and keeping a positive mindset to improve your life. I love this course!

Barry Mitchell

Excellent Presentation, saying it as Kim sees it!

Guy Johnson

Kim is an amazing lady. Full of life affirming ideas, and a truly infectious enthusiasm. My outlook on life has changed, and my ability to think and act differently is remarkable. I would highly recommend anyone to work with her.

Lorraine Adebowale

I always love hearing Kim speak - she is funny, engaging and empowering. Her life-story is really inspirational and it's so refreshing to see someone that has lived what she is teaching. She is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her to anybody that wants to rise above their negative thinking, feel good about themselves and change their lives around.

Cedi Frederic

I attended one of Kim’s ‘Positive Empowerment’ workshops. Kim’s warmth and authenticity enveloped the audience from the moment we arrived. Kim shared her personal story with us with us with honesty and candour, then went on to take us through her journey to a place today where she is able to support others to see themselves and their lives in a different and more positive light. I would definitely recommend Kim’s approach to Positive Empowerment.

I want you to order with confidence, so my courses come with  my 30 day no risk, no questions asked guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied in any way or you do not get anything out of any of these video courses email me and I will give you your money back, Guaranteed!


You are one decision away from a totally different life!


 Join the course here now

Yours for success.

Thank you.

Kim Wymer x


P.S.  Any questions that you have, I am here:

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