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Focus on a new you for 2021

Hey, I had a great result!

I woke up this morning with a pulse!

How grateful do I feel?

I am feeling good, feeling optimistic about my life.

I did my usual routine,

I Drank Tea in bed, said my usual statements of truth, focused on what I am doing for the day.

For most of the last few months I had been going out riding on my beloved pink bike for exercise but to tell you the truth, it has been so cold and icy outside lately, I give it a miss, so I have had to use my mini-trampoline instead.

It’s Fun! Haha..

Then I will eat something that doesn’t contain a ton of sugar.

Then post something on social media.

Then I'm set for the day.

Here is my latest post on Youtube.

This is what I do and it keeps me on track, it keeps me balanced and focused on what I want and it feels good.

What I don’t do and haven’t done for years is, wake up, check my phone straight away, check the news, listen to the news on the radio, switch on the tv and check the news or read a newspaper, then go out into the world with all of the world's disasters playing on my mind, worrying the life out of me and making myself feel mega stressed.

No thank you.

Tell me some good news!!

Because what you focus on Expands.

Where focus goes, energy flows.

We are Magnets, as you know.

But that’s my choice!

Because I wanted to change, I wanted to change my habits and I wanted my focus on “The feel Good!

Do you do this? What is your routine like?

Because we can change our habits and routines, I have been focusing on my physical and mental health for quite a few years now, I can’t deny that it takes effort, but I feel it’s worth it.

It's all about your focus and your beliefs.

Many years ago I decided to give my T.V away, I never watched it anyway, I was always a music lover.

I do love a bit of Youtube though, I learn a lot from this platform plus I can choose what I want to learn especially if it is connected to my work and the law of attraction and physical/mental health.

Recently I came across a rare interview with Rhonda Byrne the author of the Secret and the law of attraction.

She admitted that she has hardly done any interviews over the years, so this podcast guy must have felt pretty special.

About 49 minutes into watching, she mentioned what she thought of 2020 which I thought was mega interesting. See what you think,

its called "How The Law Of Attraction REALLY WORKS (Achieve Anything By DOING THIS)| Rhonda Byrne & Lewis Howes"

Here is the link.

Food for thought?

As I said earlier,

Where is your focus?

What are you focusing on, obsessing about, talking about, giving your energy to, talking into existence?

What you speak into existence with conviction will come to you.

You are the creator of your life.

What do you want most?

Maybe you need some changes in your mindset?

I am sending you so much Love Health and well-being.

Happy, healthy new year my positive friend xx keep sharing the good news and the light.

it comes back to you. :)

Love Kim xxx

If you have heard of “The Law of attraction” but have only skimmed over it and don’t really use it all to your advantage, or even if you want some change in your life and need a bit of help to do so, then it may benefit you to come over and take a look at the link below for my Positive thinking and High Vibe online course. Author of “Out of the shadows” my personal journey of transformation and Karma. Personal Coaching/Mentoring Artist of "Shamanic Spiritual Animal Art" Illustrator of “How I became dodger dog” children’s book series.

You can do anything you put your mind to with a positive mental attitude. Keep Dreaming Big!! December 30th 2020

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