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Stuck in a rut of negative thinking?

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Kim Wymer is an Inspirational Positive Empowerment Coach, Mentor, Author and Speaker.

For the past 10 years Kim has been mentoring women to regain their true inner selves by helping to undo false negative programming that does not help with our lives going forward, Kim has been guiding people to reignite that well deserved feeling of feel good that is deep inside of us. 

Kim teaches on a 121 basis or via two very special online courses, which highlight The Law of Attraction and Positive Thinking.

Once Painfully Shy and Unconfident retail worker of 20 years who was full of self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs, suffered from a lifetime of bad habits and suppression.

It took a massive life crash in 2011 for Kim to wake up and start to pursue the path of Self-help and Positive Thinking to find the true meaning of Happiness.

Kim then studied positive mental attitude and gained accreditation in the specialist subject of Positive thinking and feeling good, and now teaches powerful tools and techniques that easily change the mindset to gain a happier positive outlook in life and to help people realise their true potential.

Kim is now passionate about teaching and mentoring others how to overcome diversity just as she once did, she takes you on her motivational story of transformation and leads you along her personal road to recovery demonstrating how a turbulent life can be turned around.

Kim’s experience has led her to now live her dream of becoming an author, a speaker, a Course creator, and a successful business owner.

And it’s through these avenues that she continues to empower people to realise that happiness comes from within and not from outside influences.

Kim’s open honesty and braveness have helped many others to seek help in their own lives and gained back that light within.

Her mission is to spread Happiness and Positive empowerment to help others feel the way she does now, Motivated, inspired, fulfilled, focussed and most importantly Happy. Kim believes that Happier people are much more productive in the workplace.

Kim’s workshops, events, and talks are engaging, thought-provoking, and positive.

She has the ability to connect with all walks of life with a style that is caring, understanding, and Authentic.

She has spoken at various events including the Global business conference 2017, Business networking events, and often participates on talk shows on BBC Radio Essex and Phoenix Radio Brentwood, Essex.

She also runs her own talks and events in and around London and Essex.

Available to speak in UK and Globally

My Story

Meet Kim Wymer

Meet Kim Wymer

Meet Kim Wymer
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WHAT VIBES DO YOU RADIATE?....Your vibes matter? [kim wymer] freebie below video

WHAT VIBES DO YOU RADIATE?....Your vibes matter? [kim wymer] freebie below video

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3 Top Tips to Raise your Vibration.

3 Top Tips to Raise your Vibration.

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Top Tips to feel good and self care?  you are worth it! [kim wymer] freebie below video

Top Tips to feel good and self care? you are worth it! [kim wymer] freebie below video

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