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Amazing News!


October has come around rather lively, don’t you think? 90 more days until a brand new year!


I trust that you have been ok, and all is well in your world.

I have been really busy with new projects and I have also been collaborating with some fabulous people these last few months, I have attracted some pretty awesome opportunities too.

Some of you may or may not know that as well as coaching and teaching people positivity and speaking at Mind body and soul events I also love to dabble in art, it has been an interest of mine forever, but until a few years back I overcame my doubts yet again and have started painting with acrylic on Canvas.

I love it, I go into another world and I am totally “ in my flow” and the time whizzes by when I am painting, it’s such a feel-good for me.

More great news on that subject coming soon.

What is your feel good?

What do you love to do to get into your flow?

My other great news for now though is that I have just launched a brand new membership club.

I am so Excited..

It’s called the “Ultimate Empowerment Club”

It’s an online private Facebook paid membership club where I teach every single positive tool and technique that I have learned over the last eight years that has helped me to find my happiness, understand life, feel more at ease and calmer on this journey of life, and miraculously manifest the life that I had been asking for.

My attitude to life and my existence now is the total opposite of what it was in and before 2012.

Because I am in charge of my thoughts, feelings, and outcomes because I learned the tools to help me.

In 2012 my life was transformed because I miraculously found and dove deep into one of the Universal Laws of nature “The Law of Attraction”

If you have heard of “The Law of attraction” but have only skimmed over it and don’t really use it all to your advantage, or even if you do but would like daily reminders and refreshers then it may benefit you to come over and take a look at the link below.

You have nothing to lose by taking a peek.

At the moment the club is going at a very special price due to these current times and peoples circumstances, I totally understand, that’s why I am giving so much value, because I want people to feel good and thrive and be the best version of themselves by learning and applying daily disciplines that will stick and change your mindset from negative to positive, just like it all did for me, and all of my clients.

There’s lots of information in the link and a short video to watch

If you have any questions at all then email me, I would be so happy to chat with you.

Here it is again.

I am sending you so much love and light

Keep shining and keep your head up

Stay positive, it’s the only way.

Love Kim x

Author of “Out of the shadows” my personal journey of transformation and Karma.

Personal Coaching/Mentoring

Illustrator of “How I became dodger dog” children’s book series.

You can do anything you put your mind to with a positive mental attitude.

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