The Ultimate Empowerment Club provides the most positive SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT and MOTIVATION to YOU, wherever you are in the world. 

Hosted through the private Ultimate Empowerment Club Facebook group, as a member each month you will receive:


  • A MONTHLY MODULE - Each month has a specific focus with short videos and resources for you to delve into.

  • TWO LIVE online sessions per month via Zoom - The Zoom online platform is safe and very simply accessed on all devices via a link that members will receive. 

  • Each session is 30-60 minutes and If you can't make a 'live' session a recording will be available.

As soon as you join you'll become part of an inspirational growing global online community that offers support and connection with like minded people between live sessions.

Who this course is for:

  • For people from all walks of life from 16 to 50+ who are beginners to the Law of Attraction and Want to Change their Lives

  • For people who want to learn useful life skills to help them experience an easier ride in this journey of life.

  • For people who are willing to wake up and see the bigger picture of life and try something new, which is meant to be a natural state of being.

  • For people who have lost the light inside of themselves and want to relight that inner spark of happiness and find their true potential.

  • For people who have lots of negative self talk and self doubts, and who would like to let go of the past and feel at peace.



Only £19.99 per month

You will require a PayPal account for this subscription purchase (recurring payments).

You can cancel your subscription at any time

Once you have set up your subscription you will be re-directed to the Ultimate Empowerment Facebook Group -

I can't wait to see you there!


Guy, London

Kim is an amazing lady. Full of life affirming ideas, and a truly infectious enthusiasm. My outlook on life has changed, and my ability to think and act differently is remarkable. I would highly recommend anyone to use her

Helen, London

Kim is truly inspirational! She shares her story that many can relate to and the transformation of where her life was to where she is now in terms of what she has overcome is huge! Kim is totally down to earth and the techniques that she teaches can be used in any area of your life that you want to improve. She has really made me believe that anything is possible! If you have an open mind and a willingness to want to change habits that no longer serve you, you will not be disappointed!

Alex, Essex

I have been feeling so good lately and have really knocked my anxious feelings right out of me. I have been using my tools and with a few situations that have happened lately the Tools really helps to calm me down and helps me get to sleep too.

I am really doing well and I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.

Jake, Essex

If you're looking to change your life for the better, make yourself a more positive person and get a better outlook on life then I definitely recommend this woman. The most inspiring woman I know. So passionate and confident when presenting at her workshops. If you haven't spoke to her then you're missing out!

Cedi, London

I attended Kim’s ‘Positive Empowerment’ workshop recently. Kim’s warmth and authenticity enveloped the audience from the moment we arrived. Kim shared her personal story with us with us with honesty and candour, then went on to take us through her journey to a place today where she is able to support others to see themselves and their lives in a different and more positive light. I would recommend Kim’s approach to Positive Empowerment

Jo, London

Her warmth and calm nature put you at ease immediately and her enthusiasm and passion for her subject is infectious! Kim really is an inspiration and is the living embodiment of what she teaches - the power to change your life is within you! Kim has shared with me the insights and techniques that helped her forge a new life path and I am already seeing the benefit of putting these into practice! Thank you Kim.