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You are a survivor!

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Did you know the beautiful Lotus flower grows and survives in the mud?

Just an observation.

Here we are in mid-January, already.

The planets are definitely spinning faster, the linear time is passing quickly, it’s a fact.

I have been in deep mediation and deep thought.

I feel the fear and stress-energy from others when I go out, even just to the supermarket to buy food.

I come back home feeling drained! it's so uncomfortable that I have to get back into alignment.

But remember that we are all survivors; we are stronger than we think.

We are still here, doing our daily thing as best as we can.

We get through it.

I have been thinking lately about all the things we have been through, and come out of the other side of over the years.

Have a think about that.

What have you survived?

Look at how strong you are? WOW, what a flipping trooper you are!

You can do it again!

Look at what you have now created.

The life you live now, what you have now, what you are capable of, what you are going to create for your future, OMG the endless possibilities and opportunities.

Don’t you feel so grateful for that?

Nothing stays the same, things change and we can help that happen.

Ok, so some things are out of our control, but as the sayings go, you either “Let go of what you can’t control or “We can’t always control the outcomes but we can control our behaviors towards the outcomes”

I chose peace, love, gratitude, and Healthy thoughts and practices.

And I would love that thought to go out across the planet, imagine if we all did that!

We all have our own ways of getting the message out there.

What do you choose?

I have been through enough In my life, I am a survivor, I am stronger than I think, it’s my positive thoughts, language, and daily disciplines that get me through.

What do you do, think, and practice to get you through?

I asked myself this lately.

What did I overcome in the past that made me stronger and have a knowing that I can go on, I can get through all of this, I can do what I put my mind to, I can know that the future will change, things will get better and better, I can see a bigger brighter future for all of us, it’s coming, be patient and be calm and keep your head held high and share your light to others.

The more Love, peace, and inner calmer our minds are, the better our new lives will be.

It’s a good feeling.

I know this because I survived many hurdles in my life so far, including Suppression, divorce, Alcohol abuse, Homelessness, Greif, financial difficulty, confusion, hardship, illnesses, heartbreak, childbirth, public speaking, chaos and upheaval, and many many negative self debilitating feelings and emotions, and the list goes on…

And I'm still here!!

And so are you!!

Maybe you have had similar or even worse?

They say that things happen for a reason!

But know this…

You are a strong resilient warrior and you are worthy of anything.

New times are coming, have patience.

The darkness always shows before the light comes, the dark before the dawn, as they say.


Did you know the beautiful Lotus flower grows and survives in the mud?

Just an observation.

Hold on to the Love you have in your heart, share that out!

I love you all the world.

Sending you peace and health.

Kim xx

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It's a Journey.

Jan 2021

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