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What have you discovered about yourself this year?

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hello to you.

Have you had time to sit back and reflect on your life, your world, your privileges, or even the precious people in your life?

Have you been working on yourself or your attitude in some way?

Have you changed in any way or become awakened to a new way to think or be?

You may have learned some new lessons or learned new practices or skills?

It’s all for our growth and to experience our highest good.

Have you been looking for opportunities to be kinder or more thoughtful? even undercover kindness? as this is such a feel-good thing to do, and knowing of the universal laws of nature, it will all circulate and come back around to you.

It all makes the world a better place to live in and remember, what you focus on expands.

Do you want to feel good?

I pulled out this positive oracle card today and I wanted to share it with you.

Kindness card Meaning

"Be kind to each other, This world is hard enough for most as it is. Most of us experience some degree of stress in our lives, and sometimes we may give others a hard time, but we can also be really hard on ourselves. Be kind to each other, and most importantly be kind to yourselves.

Kindness is so easy! Kindness can come in so many forms: Saying hello to your neighbor whom you have never spoken to. Take a day to practice non-judgment. Smile at a stranger. Offer to do something for your loved ones. Make a gift for a friend. Compliment your co-worker. Look at yourself in the mirror with loving eyes. Say something nice about yourself. Try to spend a week where you don’t criticize yourself or others. There are endless ways to demonstrate kindness. And as you practice kindness towards Animals plants and the environment, you develop a closer relationship with nature too.

A little kindness goes such a long way!

Chances are pretty high that if you keep up your kindness game, others will be inspired to do the same. How amazing would it be if everyone started to be more kind to one another?

So please take this time to practice more kindness in the world. You will see some amazing results!

Affirmation: I am kind, thoughtful, and loving to myself and others.

Love and light my dear friends, I am sending you my best positive energy x

Love Kim x

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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November 25th 2020

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