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Seasons Greetings for 2021

Seasons greetings

This time of year gives me warm cosy excited feelings inside and I’m looking forward to spending precious time with family and loved ones.

It's our right..

What have you got planned?

Do you have a Christmas wish list too?

What special gifts do you want to see on Christmas morning? What gift were you hoping for as your main present?

I have had the same wish list for years and it’s for the sake of humanity and planet earth.

I always put out in my thoughts and visions for peace on earth.

Wouldnt that be amazing!

I'd also love to see...

More people loving one another.

Wars and killing and psychological experiments to stop

Greener cleaner natural environments.

More plants and trees.

No animals to be eaten.

People respecting each other.

No hate or greed in the world.

Natural medicines at the forefront.

No corporation control.

A brand-new way of living and being.

Taking back our human rights and freedoms...

Gifts and presents are not my number one top priority.

I value human kindness, integrity, and love.

Everything else is secondary.

Do you have a wish list?

The world will not be stable enough until enough of us find inner peace.

I think that I am not the only one who would love to live in a beautiful loving world.

We can all start to focus on this and see the kind of world we do want to live in simply by seeing and visualising what we do want, for the future of humanity.

Not focusing on what we don’t want.

Your visions are power.

You are a sovereign being.

Keep your vibes high, we can do this!

I love you so much fellow human

Keep shining your light to help others to learn from you.

Wishing you all an extra special Happy Loving Christmas from me, my family, and loved ones to you and yours.

Love is all there is.

Are you mindful of how you are feeling? I want to help you to lift your vibrations on your journey of life AND ATTRACT WHAT YOU DO WANT!!

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Dec 2021

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