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Positivity overides Negativity

Hello Truthseekers

I would love to know what is happening in your life right now that makes you feel good?

Many people seem to focus on what is not making them feel good, I know I used to, on a daily basis.

Maybe it's time to Awaken your inner power and realise that you are such a powerful being!

This month I feel I wanted to send you a video blog.

Considering I was always a mega shy introverted person most of my life, I now get great pleasure in making short inspirational videos, just another task to focus on to help me feel good, but motivate you mostly.

What do you feel good about now?

You can always go over and check out all of my videos for tips and inspiration, they are Free.

I just want the planet to feel good and pass on the message.

We have that right, we have that choice, we deserve it.

I love you.

Share your light!

Give that stuff out, it comes back, it’s the law of attraction.

Sending you all the best in my thoughts

Here is the video link to watch.

More info below if you feel you need any more inspiration.


Teacher of Positivity, holistic Therapist, NLP practitioner, and lover of people, animals, and mother earth, Who aims to spread the power of positive thinking and feel good through one-to-one coaching and speaking events.

Download a FREE PDF on Gaining Confidence and overcoming self-doubt at

If you have heard of “The Law of attraction” but have only skimmed over it and don’t really use it all to your advantage, or even if you want some change in your life and need a bit of help to do so, then feel free to contact me.

Have you read my book?

Author of the book “Out of the shadows” my personal journey of transformation and Karma.


Personal Coaching/Mentoring

Want to inspire your staff or groups with a positive motivational talk?

Book me to speak here.

Artist of "Shamanic Spiritual Animal Art"

Illustrator of “How I became dodger dog” children’s book series.

You can do anything you put your mind to with a positive mental attitude.

Keep Dreaming Big!!

Enjoy the experiences, It's a Journey.

June 2021

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