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More Ways to Feel Better and Raise your Frequency Higher

Updated: May 16, 2023

Happy March,

There are a lot of ways to help yourself even more by raising your vibrational frequencies even higher.

Not by adding more tools and techniques but by Letting go of certain behaviours that we sometimes tend to practice unknowingly.

Doing this can help you to manifest faster too, it really is powerful!

Remember your super powers as a super human, you are a sovereign being,

Sometimes we forget ourselves, and our behaviours can be destructive to us, or even to others, without us even realising.

I am talking about the Top Toxins that do not serve us.

Not physical toxins or products that we use either around the house or on our bodies, that's bad enough.

I mean Toxic Behaviours.

I made a little video talking about the Top 5 Toxins that we really should eliminate from our lives in order to actually raise our vibrations higher, to attract better.

Video below.

Take note and become mindful, we are human and sometimes we can forget that we are here to help others go forward in a positive light, because, what goes around comes around, what we give out comes back to us, and we want great stuff coming back to us, right!

Keep your head up beautiful soul

Happy March, Know that good things are coming :)

Love Kim x

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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March 2023

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