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Inspiration for a Miserable Funk.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Kimmie here,

How was your easter weekend? did you have a cracking time over indulging in too many chocolate eggs?

I learned my lesson!

As we are coming into springtime with the hope of warmer weather upon us, I felt that I wanted to share another positive message with you.

Hopefully a message of Inspiration, as a reminder for you to keep on working on your vibrations, to raise your energy so you can attract better energies back to yourself and get much better results with what you are desiring!

As our moods tend to swing up and down on a daily basis, depending on the circumstances, I thought I would share with you another simple little tip to remind you how you can get yourself back out of any moody low funk.

It's my purpose in life to share my thoughts and knowledge on positivity by raising your vibes higher because YOU DESERVE IT!

I made a little video called “Inspiration for misery, or in a miserable funk?”

We all get like this at times and it doesn't feel good does it?

For me it can bring on other feelings and thought patterns that id rather not have, so I get up and do the work, apply the tools and practice the strategies.

Even though in this instance it was self inflicted, another lesson learned.

So, here is the video just for you.

Share your light to all who need it.

Stay positive x

Love Kim xx

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