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Happy Healthy Christmas to you all

Updated: May 16, 2023

What a year!

It has been so tough for so many people, and things seemed very bleak at times.

It’s been unreal!

No one would have ever thought that it would come to this!

But anyway, we have all had to do what is best for us at the given time and keep life flowing whilst observing many differences of opinions going on.

And everyone is entitled to their own opinions because we all live in our own bubbles of belief. And I am a great believer that you get exactly what you believe in, the universe will show you the evidence of what you are mostly focusing on, it’s the Laws and principles of life.

Aside from that, it may serve you to keep your thoughts and visions on the positive with healthy natural wellbeing for yourself and your loved ones and remember how powerful your thoughts and visions are, you are a creator.

You create your own destiny.

So what do you want?

See it in your mind’s eye.

I wanted to wish you the warmest seasons greetings and a happier healthier new year at this festive time, and a peaceful break to celebrate in whatever way you choose to.

As I have mentioned before in many other blogs too is to learn to meditate and quieten your mind, it will really serve you well and help your mind become calmer.

Take care of your stress levels too, get out in nature and exercise whenever you can, you will feel so much better. Too much stress, fear, and worry can actually lower your immunity and we all know that it’s essential to try to keep your immune system in good condition, especially at this time so check your vitamin C and D levels are ok.

Zoom and Skype have been amazing tools this year to keep connected with friends and loved ones and also face time and WhatsApp have been in constant use in my life.

Because humans need connection.

It’s our given right!

Many are alone this year, so give them a thought too, because kindness goes a long way.

You may want to be mindful to check in on people who are alone this Christmas and offer them your time or support for a while, I am sure this would be very much appreciated.

But, at the end of the day, what the world needs more than anything is Love, love is why you are here, Love is a feel better energy, so share that stuff around in any way you can, even if it’s in your thoughts because you are a magnetic powerhouse.

So, I’m sending you all Love Peace, and healthy happiness for your mind body, and soul.

And as the saying goes “ Health is not valued until sickness comes”

Stay Positive and keep your heads up Lightworkers


I love you

Kim x

If you have heard of “The Law of attraction” but have only skimmed over it and don’t really use it all to your advantage, or even if you want some change in your life and need a bit of help to do so, then it may benefit you to come over and take a look at the link below for my Positive thinking and High Vibe online course.

Author of “Out of the shadows” my personal journey of transformation and Karma.

Personal Coaching/Mentoring

Artist of "Shamanic Spiritual Animal Art"

Illustrator of “How I became dodger dog” children’s book series.

You can do anything you put your mind to with a positive mental attitude.

Keep Dreaming Big!!

December 2020

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