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Change! The Unavoidable Force of Life.

Changes in life are inevitable.

Some changes we cant avoid, some are self inflicted, but some we have actually asked for, whether deliberately or in jest, Words and thoughts are powerful as we know.

And as they say, be careful what you wish for.

And when that happens you may go through some times of uncertainty and feel a little confused.

You may have to brace yourself for what may feel like a roller coaster ride.

But, don't be afraid of any obstacles.

Things will fall apart, some people will leave your life, and you will experience a change in your perspective.

It's all part of the process of getting what you want, or what you asked for.!

Can you remember what you asked for?

Be open to learning new lessons that will help you become a wiser version of yourself.

Very soon, it will all make sense. You will find yourself in a better place.

So, even when life feels uncertain or difficult, remember that it's all part of a bigger picture.

Eventually, things will work out for you.

Which is why its so important to become aware of your thinking and your words and keep you thoughts positive!

Life can feel like a puzzle, its the game of life!

Shine bright you Superstar.

Love and Light Kim xx

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