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Good Vibes Only! Or is it?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Hello Lovelies,

You may need to hear this today,

My work is a reminder to you all, as my daily thoughts and routines teach this to share the well needed light.

Imagine that you forgot your human super powers and you took onboard other peoples miserable attitudes and opinions, you kept on hearing bad news, because you are tuned into that, you take on board other peoples problems, you don't eat very Healthfully, you feel niggly and moany, or you just don't feel very up beat, and you cant pinpoint why, and this a continuum and is now a habit! And then you keep on attracting more of this because you are a human magnet, and then you really feel that you cant get yourself out of this negative funk and it becomes a spiral of normality in your everyday life!

How would that feel?

WOW, do you really want to attract more of that?


I lived it for absolute years.

I didn't know how to get out of it!

Until I crashed and burned and lost everything.

I then woke up to the truth of learning some valuable life lessons.

Because as JK Rowling once said

"Rock bottom was the solid foundation on which I started to rebuild my life"

What a statement!

The only way is up, and we have to start to change something right!

It starts with our Positive mental attitude, our thoughts and the way we feel about ourselves, the world and other people.

Because we are all one, we are a collective.

Some of the top things that can contribute to feeling miserable and Low vibe is

Complaining and moaning.

Being negative.

Eating a bad diet and consuming too much alcohol.

Focusing on what you don't want.

Too much TV, Radio, main stream media and mobile phone watch time.

Gossiping about others.

If this feels like you and you feel you need some changes in your life, check out my video below.

If your all fine and dandy and all is really well in your life then well done to you and your positive mental attitude, I take my hat off to you.

As they say,

"Whatever is going on on you're inside world will reflect on you're outside world"

If there is some chaos in your world and it all seems to be going wrong, we really do have to look inside to see what's going on with our thoughts, feelings and visions.

And its easy to fake a good way of being in front of our friends or members of our family, but inside you know you feel another way and that is the real vibration that you are naturally vibrating.

Are you sending out genuine love in your thoughts to others and wishing people wellness, health, peace, love and only the best of everything? because, remember you are a magnificent magnetic being, and you attract back what you are giving out.

Remember to work on your vibrations and keep them high.

Doing this can really change the New World that is literarily waiting for us around the corner.

Love and peace to you dear human of light.

I am here to offer my knowledge and know how.

Check out the links below

Love Kim xx

Positive Thinking Online course's

Read my book "Out of the shadows" a personal story of transformation and Karma

Beginners guide to positive thinking online course click below

The Positive Thinking Blueprint full online course

Business inquiries with Kim Wymer.

Kim's YouTube channel

MAY 2023

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