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Follow your dreams

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hey there,

There is a powerful shift going on, can you feel it?

This year is the year of the Tiger which means going forward fearlessly and taking risks!!

Isn’t it about time things moved forward for you?

Make changes, and start to do that thing you wanted to do.

And really mean it this time! take the action!

That’s how we get the ball rolling, keep your focus on it and things will go how you want them to go.

Maybe you have been promising yourself that you will make that start.

Now is the time to follow your dreams.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions, I wait until I’m ready and feel fit and motivated enough to carry them through!!

Like this year I promised myself to make it happen.

I was going to give more talks to as many people and groups as I could, and so far, I have been booked in to give 8 inspiring talks.

With bookings still coming in, and now going into March.

Where have the months gone already?

This is my point. DO IT NOW, make it happen, take some action!!

What do you want to do?

What are your dreams and aspirations?

How do you want to feel?

Proud, excited, happier, contented, peaceful?

You can you know. You have a choice.

And I can help you.

So, I have met some amazing ladies in the past few months whilst on my networking journey and I have had the privilege to speak at their groups within their businesses and had a fab time sharing my positive and inspiring message.


coming from the world's biggest introvert and mega procrastinator.

I also pulled this oracle card that inspired me to write about this topic.

So, my lovelies, If you need a reminder about the universal laws of nature to get you back on track here is a video that was recorded this week with a lovely lady I met recently, Fi Gazzard, who is a copywriter and she lives in France, and like me is an avid Law of attraction fan.


Love and light

Kim xxx

Take care and share the message of love and positivity on your journey to raise your vibrations as the planet needs it.

Are you mindful of how you are feeling? I want to help you to lift your vibrations on your journey of life AND ATTRACT WHAT YOU DO WANT!!

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