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Respecting Mother Earth in uncertain times.

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Fear seems to be the buzz word this week, and it’s imperative that we take care of our nervous system and that we don’t hold on too much to those negative thoughts that could be going over and over in our minds, so that we can avoid a crash.

Spiritual and open minded thinkers knew that there has been a big shift coming for some time now and it’s on the horizon, this is it, the change has started.

It’s hard going for a lot of people, but I believe that life is all about lessons and learning’s, in my world anyway.

There are many different theories and opinions and stories that I am hearing, because people want to know why this is all happening?

Could it be that mankind has treated earth so badly since the 70s, killing all the animals, cutting down the rain forests, polluting the seas and oceans, environmental pollution's and so on, could it be nature getting its own back? What goes around comes around?

Do you believe in karma?

Respecting the new world is something we should all be doing.

I am finding that more and more people are practising spiritual principles, as in following intuition, going within and having a knowing that the positive mind is going to help us tremendously in this current climate.

If you are already familiar with me and my work of focusing on the universal laws of nature, the law of vibration and attraction, then you will know that every day it is my mission to teach and apply the tools I teach and become aware of our words, language, visions and feelings and not let fear in at this time.

My belief system is programmed to the positive, I focus on my inner world first, how I’m feeling, how calm I feel, how I can cope in a productive way, how best I can get through this time, what can I do for my future? This is not a holiday, it’s a time to reflect and learn some new life skills, practice something you haven’t done before to help to calm your mind, help you focus better, help you love and accept yourself as a wonderfully unique soul living in a human body or vehicle whilst on this journey of experience on Mother earth.

Well that’s how I see it.

Freedom of speech.

I saw panic in the shops, I hear people telling me how worried they are. Who knows what will happen? but it’s not helpful to the nervous system or immune system to live in a state of fear and worry now is it?

Constantly feeling that way does not help or change anything.

There are so many different stories and theories going around at the moment about why this is all going on at the moment and It can get a bit confusing.

We shall soon see, all will be revealed.

It depends on your belief system, because “What you believe in becomes true for you, and what you focus on expands”

Albert Einstein/Dr Bruce Lipton

So I choose to take my time and live day by day, use my practices to calm my mind, maintain my inner calm, it feels better. And of course focus on what feels good like the funnies on social media, being kind, sharing the love and communicating via different platforms virtually whilst this change is going on.

Every day is a new start, so make the most of each day one at a time.

See a bright future for yourself, learn new things for you and your highest good, you can do it, the answers are inside of you, you can do anything you put your mind to.

So how are you spending your precious time? Are you wasting it or are you making well deserved changes? As they say “To get different results you have to change something”

If you think in a different way , you will act in a different way and then you will get different results in your life.

Maybe it’s time to work on finding the real “Inner you” you are your own divine being, you are the creator of your current circumstances. What you have in your life now you created.

Spirituality is nothing to do with religion, its waking up to the bigger picture of life and nature, it’s the real you, the spirit or soul inside like a ball of energy in your heart, your unique self, don’t you find that miraculous?

“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe think in terms of Energy frequency and vibrations” Nikola Tesla.

Keep working on raising your vibrations and brighten you spirit, don’t lose your spirit to the negative.

I am wishing you all the best and sending you lots of love and healing in my thoughts and of course to our planet, Mother earth.

When you find peace in yourself, it will all fall into place.

Don’t give up.

Love is the key.

Be happier

Be kind and loving, we are all in this together.

Love Kim xxx

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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