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Do you know why you are here?

Hello there lovely.

I have a question for you.

What do you think about you?

What do you think about yourself as a person?

Can I ask you, do you Love and accept yourself?

I mean, do you completely love and accept who you are?

I am not talking about vanity in no shape or form, and not just what you see in the mirror, and not just your looks.

I mean the real you.

Do you?

Take a look at how you were made, how you were born into this world, now that is a miracle


Take a look at how you walk, talk, communicate, use your brilliant brain, the way you function, all of your capabilities, all the achievements you’ve ever achieved, your personality, the emotions and feelings that you feel, the way your organs work in perfect harmony and the way your body regenerates itself.

Do you not call this a miracle? Is this not Human magnificence?

This is something we don’t usually think about on a daily basis, is it.?

But we should.

We are all absolutely amazing.

Inside and out.

And I love us for that.

I accept myself for that.

Life is a journey, and we have our ups and downs, it’s not all Rosie and sun-shiny every single day, I know that.

Self-love and acceptance is not about being smiley and happy all of the time 24/7

We have our challenges and our ups and downs and our low moods, and we can all feel anxious at times, I know this too.

But when that happens don’t beat yourself up over it.

Love and accept yourself anyway,

Challenges and moods pass.

Love, and accept yourself anyway.

It's OK.

Even when things don’t go your way, or not as you expected them to go, even when you have a bad hair day or you simply can’t be bothered.

It’s OK

Love and accept yourself anyway.

Just think about when you love somebody else, really, really love another person. You love all of them, even the good, bad and the ugly. You accept them as they are.

So there is no reason why you shouldn’t feel the same way about yourself.

We may not be perfect, but …..

We are Enough!!

Emotional healing starts with self-acceptance


You are having experiences in life, you are lucky enough to be having an amazing journey. You create your own world by how you think.

You were born to love and share that stuff around, that’s why you are here, and it feels good.

Keep on shining your light out to others x the world needs you x

I love you

KIM xxx

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JULY 2020

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