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Self doubt and Fear can be the killer of your dreams.

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Have you ever doubted yourself and your capabilities? Have you ever questioned yourself too much and over analysed any future achievements or desires with a negative attitude?

Have you ever felt a lack of confidence in yourself ? And this has stopped you doing what you really want to do?

I think we all do this

I was the Queen of this, for years, and years, I didn’t ever think that I was good enough to achieve anything I wanted to do, and this is mainly because I feared.

And I had not done “That thing" I wanted to do,

So what right have I got to start now?

What right have I got not to?

I feared people, I feared the world.

I feared what others would say, I feared that others would judge me or make fun of me, or that I didn’t have the right qualifications or know how, i feared that there were others in the world who were better at doing what I wanted to do.

This is so true in some cases, but so what!! At least I tried.

We don’t know unless we try, do we?

What do you want?

I put others opinions before mine, which really means that I didn’t love or respect myself.

I know where this came from, but that’s another story.

You are an amazing creative genius with special gifts to share with the world, and you may not even know what it is yet. Some may never know.

But it’s inside of you, and it’s up to you if you want to find it.

I wanted to find it because several years ago I had lost everything, and things couldn’t have got any worse in the abyss that I felt I had sunken down to.

I had to become the captain of my ship.

I was longing for change, longing for something new, and it happened, slowly but surely as I was adamant and determined.

Fear was the main factor that had to be conquered. Then the habits, then the self love, I took a good long hard look at my thinking habits and attitude, it all had to go, and I learned so much.

I applied the important tools and worked on myself on a daily basis.

When you change your attitude and perspective of the world, your world changes, positivity was the number one main focus as we all know that what you are focusing on comes into your world, its quantum science, it’s one of the Laws of the universe.

My world did change and so did the people in it, the universe brings you what you can handle at the time, I don’t think you will ever be given a massive scary task that you asked for if you are not yet ready to do it. Believing this helped me with fear, it takes baby steps, honestly when I look back at my life and wrote about it, this is what seemed to happen.

So know what you want, and do take the baby steps, it’s a learning journey we are on; I believe that this is why we are here, to learn and grow and enjoy the process.

Fear is a product of the thoughts we have, if you think about the scene and see it going wrong it may well go wrong, we have to switch the pictures in our head, see it going well and get that knowing.

Fear and self-doubt stops us from achieving what we want and holds us back.

Learn to overcome the fears, take the baby steps, you will thank yourself and feel proud, I promise you.

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Wishing you all the very best and stay positive.

Go forth and be brave my friend.

Love and light xx

Kim xx

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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