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Time is a Healer

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

How have you been?

I have been off of the radar for the last few months due to losing my beloved mum to heaven.

I have been trying to work on myself to heal the pain of loss and grief, a feeling I once experienced 4 years ago when my 50-year-old brother left this earth.

That was shocking and sad enough, but this time it was my beautiful, funny, loving mum, the woman who I was born from, my best friend and teacher of love.

Mum and I spoke nearly every day and I am so glad that I told and showed my mum that I loved her unconditionally every single day.

Greif and bereavement is an experience on its own, the energy of sorrow is a deep painful profound emotion that stands alone.

I have been so grateful for the healing touch and sympathy of the beautiful people in my life and I always will be very humbled and thankful to them all.

I wanted to share this because I believe it was my spiritual beliefs that really helped me to cope and get through the traumatic time.

Maybe you have spiritual beliefs that help you to cope with hard times. I would love to hear from you.

I made a short video to help explain the feelings and emotions of grief and loss which happens to us all on our life journey.

The video is a one-off as I usually make videos and content on feeling good and positivity.

But I felt the urge to share this in hope that it may help someone.

Life is a game.

This plane is a realm.

There are many levels and dimensions.

Mum simply went back home.


I am currently growing my YouTube channel to help as many light warriors as possible.

I would be lovingly grateful if you would subscribe to my channel.

Love and kind blessings to you.


Love and Light Kim x

Here's the video


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