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The Law of Karma

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Hey there,

How are you? How have you been these last few weeks?

Today I was inspired to remind you of one of the powerful Universal laws of nature.

The Law of Karma.

There are 12 laws of karma that are all connected.

According to the basic Sanskrit definition of karma, it simply means “action”. Laws of karma are all about the positive or negative valance of our words, thoughts, and deeds.

In essence, everything we do creates corresponding energy that comes back to us in some form or another.

The Universe gives us what we are focusing on, and what you focus on expands, so always know what you do want, not what you don’t want.

Knowing that you are the creator of your life and world wouldn’t that make sense?

We literally make it up as we go along and the universe will give you the evidence of what you believe in to reinforce your belief system.

My top tip would be to always see things going well not only for yourself but for others too,

because we are human magnets,

Never think or say to another

“I can’t see that going very well for you, no I can only see that going wrong”!

Because that will come straight back to you.

Its Karma.

It’s a benefit to you to wish others well, wish them all the very best in their endeavors in life, we are all doing what we think is our best at the time, so get that vision of success going on for others as well as for yourself.

Imagine the whole world you see as a mirror because that's what it is.

The well wishes, blessings, compliments, Love, help, will come back to you eventually in some shape or form.

So give your best if you want the best coming back.

Its karma.

A universal Law of life at its best.

As the sayings go,

What goes around comes around

What you give out comes back.

Your life will be easier when you are mindful.

Sending you Love, best wishes, peace and contentment.

Go out there and shine your vibrancy.

Love and light Kim xxx

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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