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Stress Relief and healthy calming tips to focus on In an uncertain world

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Firstly I am sending you all virtual hugs and love in my thoughts at this moment in time, and I wish you all the best of everything.

A lot of us are closed off or alone and separated from loved ones and it can feel emotional and stressful, and some are all at home together and stepping on each other’s toes and again emotions can run high and stress can kick in, I’ll be the first to admit that I have had to up my game and started to use the tools I teach, on myself again for maximum benefit.

So what can we all do in these times of mass uncertainty?

How can we cope?

We need to know that it will all be OK, don’t we? And when something like this comes in we seem to go double on the negative and think “that’s it, we’ve had it now, it’s all doom and gloom.

Obviously a normal human reaction.

We want to be a nation of true Warriors, not Worriers!!

We seem to cope the best we can, we have coped before over the years, with the wars and the previous viruses like the Ebola and SARS and Swine flu and unexpected world disasters.

There is panic and worry going on everywhere on all media platforms, but you can look after you, you are number 1.

We are still here, life has continued, and we are stronger than we think.

Remember that, we can’t change what is going on but we can help ourselves a little more by keeping a calm mind.

I have some tips that have helped me to calm my mind so far and I will continue to apply, they may help you if you feel that you need to feel less worried and less anxious.

1. Stick to a routine, rather than laying around chilling and doing nothing other than watching junk TV and consuming junk food, get up and get dressed, it’s too easy to over chill on the sofa and give up when you are at home in your comfort zone, and remember to tell yourself this situation will calm down and end, we don’t know when but it will pass.

2. Tell yourself you are going to be OK, you will be fine, get that kind of language to be your inner self talk, because when you are worried and stressed your immune system gets upset, it doesn’t cope very well with stress and worry. The system likes calmness and positivity and healthy self-talk and healthy habits.

3. Keep it basic, try to eat well, drink lots of water to hydrate your brain and focus, eat your fruit and veggies in whatever form you find best. Cut out the sugars, get some good sleep at night, take a hot bath, get productive, Sort out your home, play games with the kids, learn a new skill, read a book. Take an online E-Course.

4. When we do feel anxious and worried it’s a good idea to exercise, any form of exercise that suits you in your own space and environment, shake it off, stretch it out, it relieves tension too.

5. Mindfulness or meditation, this is the King technique to calm the mind, find a meditation that suits you, there are many available on apps and on download, some are even free. Use your mind and watch your words, be more positive with your choice of words as your self-talk is essential for the results you will get. Most will say “Oh I haven’t got the time!

Maybe you have the time now that most of us are self-quarantined at the moment. I have researched that there are over 20 benefits to meditation, call it what you want, and practising it for 8 years has calmed my mind dramatically.

Positive Empowerment group on Facebook.

I wish you well and I can see a positive future for you all, and if you want to join me on Facebook at my positive empowerment group for some extra feel good positivity and collaboration with some absolutely lovely like minded people, and once per week I pop on and go live with some more feel good positive news then come and join us,

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Heres the Links

Love kim xx

Author, Positive Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Light worker x

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