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Do you know your Super Human powers?

Hello light worker,

While humans do not possess fictional superpowers like those in films or cartoons, like flying, throwing flames or ice from your palms, or laser beams shining from your eyeballs.

But there are certain exceptional abilities and skills that we all possess.

We just need to tap into them,

They feel good too.

These human superpowers are not taught in schools or colleges, but once you wake up to your own natural human potentials and abilities you then become more powerful than you know.

We just need to calm our minds and tune into our natural given powers with feelings and belief.

Its not all about being logical and left brained all of the time.

We have so many natural super powerful abilities.

Photographic memory.

Visualisation capacity.

Creating manifestations by thought and feeling

Intuition or gut feelings

Energy healing Reiki

Psychic abilities

Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.

Control of body temperature

Mind calming Meditation

Extraordinary Creativity

These are just some of our natural human abilities, and they are impressive.

You are the creators of your own life movies.

Who’s to say that us humans won’t be more powerful in the near future?

Are you open to these abilities, do you practice any of them?

I would love your thoughts?

Have an amazing day ;)

Sending you love in my thoughts Super human x

Kim xxxx

Tap in to your super human powers below.

Namaste xxx

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JULY 2023

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