I know what you mean
Life can be difficult. Five years ago, difficulty was pretty much all I knew. I was mired in debt and working a dead-end job, all the while trying to deal with the fallout of a bad divorce. Meanwhile, my best-friend-come-sister had moved to Australia, with my parents trailing off to Spain just a couple months after, it was tough, and the only way I could come out of my shell was after a "few" drinks. A lack of confidence, shyness, feeling down - these had become the new normal for me.

The turning point
Things were going downhill fast, until I received a DVD from my sister in the post. She had sent me some material about positive empowerment, and I decided to give it a try. Being a boozed-up skeptic hadn't provided me with the life I wanted, what could be the harm in watching one DVD? Days later, and I had watched that DVD over and over again, scoured the internet for more books, CDs, DVDs and anything I could get my hands on, I was completely amazed. Half amazed, half doubtful, the entire concept of positive thinking to create the life you want seemed ridiculous, but something about it made me want more. I ordered everything I could afford, read every website and consumed every bit of information available until I was ready to put it into action myself.

My journey
Slowly, but surely, I began to see the effects positive thinking and universal laws had on my life, and the rest, as they say is history. But I couldn't stop, positive empowerment had helped my life in so many ways, I finally realised where I wanted to take my life. I knew I had to take what I had learned to try to help other people, so that's what I did. After meeting one of my heroes, Sue Stone, I was able to be trained and mentored by the lady herself, and soon after set up my own company, Happy Days Coaching, with the hopes of doing for others what Sue had done for me.

Now let me help you
I know how it feels, you might be reading this and nodding your head in agreement, or wondering how you got to this point in life and why it had to happen to you. If you want to know how to lead a happier life and begin to take positive, affirmative actions, then let me help you help yourself, and teach you all the tools and techniques you need to get your happy back. Want to book your free consultation? Then Work With Me.