About Kim

Kim Wymer is an Essex and London based positive empowerment coach, qualified NLP Practitioner and holistic therapist. After eighteen years of unhappiness, a broken marriage and a lot of debt, Kim "coincidentally" came into possession of some material on positive thinking and empowerment in 2010. Soon after, Kim went on to become an accredited coach with the Sue Stone Foundation (suestone.com), and endeavoured to the spread the word of positivity further, going on to found Happy Days Coaching. 

She is also author of her first memoir "Out of the Shadows", an account of the first forty years of her life, and how she overcame her negative thinking habits, alcohol abuse and stunted career.

Kim has gone on to write for numerous publications, speak at many events including the Tree of Life festival, and lead multiple groups, her most popular being the Positive Living Group, which ran successfully in Essex for a year and a half, and will be reopening in London - January 2016.

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Next Upcoming Event 2018

Do you want a positive mindset?

 Inspirational talk   £5.00 entry

Wednesday 5th september 2018

The Magpie Public house
12 New Street